On Firsts and No-Bake Cookies



Just keep chewing, just keep chewing, just keep chewing, chewing.


In case anyone was wondering, no-bake cookies with steel cut oats instead of regular oats require much encouragement to finish eating. It’s not the taste that’s off-putting, but rather the fact that it take five minutes to finish chewing one bite. Which is why Dory from Finding Nemo visited me during snack time. But I digress. This had nothing to do with a first blog post.

 Oh, yes. Another one of those first posts. Complete with cheesy anecdotal opening story and all. And on New Year’s Eve, no less. I promise it wasn’t my intention to start this blog with the new year. But here we are, and after much coaxing and Googling the living daylights out of every last blogging platform, I’m writing about no-bake cookies.

 Sigh. Long story short, I am here to write. This is something I already do entirely too much, with a first draft already under my belt and a second most of the way done. This is to provide a medium where I can share the random, weird, odd intricacies of writing, and the strange things that happen on a daily basis when you mix writing with life.

 So, about my goals. I’ve already addressed that I want to write. After years of writing little small things and scaring my internet provider with the most random search topics, I finally sat down to write my first draft of my first novel this summer. 100,000 words and a few months later, I found that Firsts are never what you expect them to be. You expect to finish a beautiful, ravishing copy of your first novel, and to whisk it away to publishers who will immediately love it.

Right. I have a very active imagination.

 Or maybe not. I wasn’t quite so optimistic. But I did find that creation is a very messy process. It takes courage to create. To leave everything hanging out.

 Frankly, I intend to hide my first manuscript away in the deep, dark recesses of my closet, never to be seen again. But I’m still glad I wrote it. Why? Because I learned from it. I’m still learning from it. 60,000 words into my second draft, I am glad for every last awkward sentence I typed in that first draft.

 Firsts are hard and awkward things. Kind of like a first blog post. But I’m sure I’ll learn from it, just like my first draft. And in the meantime, where would you be without my tidbits on steel cut no-bake cookies? That’s what I thought.

 And, with my obligatory ‘first post’ out of the way, stay tuned for exciting, riveting, and generally more worthwhile posts in the future.


Crazy-writer out.


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