Tamagotchis, Blogs, and Housekeeping



Does anyone remember those keychain virtual pets from the 90’s? They were the most coveted item in any 5th grader’s paraphernalia, and woe to you if your best friend asked you to ‘babysit’ one while they went on holiday. I wonder if any of us knew of the great responsibility wrapped up in the seemingly innocuous little digital egg. Five minutes away from digi-Fido might result in nothing, or the end of childhood innocence forever. It was a lot for a six year old to handle.

Feed them or they starve. Play with them or they get depressed and die. The little demons got sick every other second, and if you had the audacity to look away from the screen for two seconds, little Fido was six feet under. My real animals took less care than these things.

No one told me that starting a blog would be like keeping a Tamagotchi alive.

It seems that until I get settled in, my experience will be very much like that. Bear with me. This is related, I promise. I’ve read that WordPress is slightly difficult to get started on, and while I pride myself on my ability to figure out basic technical things, I’m running into a problem of variety.

There are simply a million ways to customize your blog on here, even with the limitations of the free content. Consequently, what happens is that I keep coming back to check on the blog, or to figure out new ways to display my small amount of content, or with grand ideas of what I want my blog to do. It has left me in a rather distractible state, which admittedly, I spend most of my time in anyway. It’s a miracle I write drafts as fast as I do.


My poor Tamagotchi-blog.

 So please excuse the mess while I play with new themes and figure out ways to make everything more accessible.

Ironically, at this point in my second draft, I am having major issues focusing on the plot points I need to work out. I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so I worry and lose sleep over my plot until I feel like I’ve got it right. Particularly the ending, which is what I’m trying to hash out. So fretting over my blog is likely a very unproductive activity for my draft. This is also why it’s unhealthy to be a perfectionist and a writer at the same time, but that’s a story for another post.

 I’m off to feed digi-Fido.


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