8 Must-Dos For Aspiring Writers

8 Must-Dos For Aspiring Writers

I have a confession to make:  I read a lot of writing tips. And I come up with a lot for myself, since writing requires these weird times where you pep-talk yourself into action. While floating around the internet trying to figure out what exactly Reddit does (Seriously! It’s like an internet within the internet, and I am hopelessly confused), I stumbled on this great article. Several of these tips were in my goals post a few days ago, but I even found a few I hadn’t thought about. Great post if you’re trying to get the motivation to write in the new year. Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “8 Must-Dos For Aspiring Writers

  1. Thanks for the link; that was a good article. I think that I have found the being accountable to a deadline to be my best motivator for getting writing done. If I don’t set a goal with a date, I can find all sorts of other things to do.

    1. I’ve definitely found the same, only with daily word counts. Until I started demanding that I write a certain amount of words per day, I managed to come up with every foreseeable excuse why I could put it off. Guilt is a good motivator. 😉

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