When Grad Students Can’t Afford Fun



First, an apology for not posting as much as I should. A new job and grad school test preparation are eating my time alive. I miss blogging. I do. And I have been writing. It just takes me 3-4 times as long to get anything out. But in the meantime, I do want to assure you all that I’m still around, and that new posts will be coming in the near future. =) Plus, I love sharing genuinely awesome links, so without further ado…


My friend sent me the link to this Lego castle this evening, and I am disgustingly impressed. The disgusted part because I’m really super jealous of this lady’s skills. I had the little tiny Hogwarts castle growing up, and it was nearly all I played with. But this thing? This is little kid heaven. Heck, this would be adult heaven. One day, if I’m rich, I am going to build ridiculous things like this. Right. Documented here for later viewing.

Anyway. Do yourself a favor and check out her gallery! On a side note, I wonder how much this collection of Legos cost her to purchase. Have you seen the price of Legos lately? Scary stuff. I almost bought the Millenium Falcon Lego version the other day…until I looked at the price tag and realized that Grad students can’t afford fun.

Anyway. Enjoy. =)


2 thoughts on “When Grad Students Can’t Afford Fun

  1. Good luck with the grad school test prep!! 🙂 That lady is amazing. I would never have the patience to build something like that. But you’re right, the price of Legos is RIDICULOUS!!

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