Red Capes, Goggles, and Hiatuses

Clearly the blogging community has changed a lot in a few months…

Welp, I’ve done it again. Remember this post? Where I felt guilty about the minimalistic amount of attention I’ve been paying my blog? Well it continued (obviously), and now I am left with a dark, empty space of sadness where posts should be. Sigh.

Anyway. Melodramatic negativity aside, I took a bit of a break. This tends to be a recurring theme in my life— where I throw every last ounce of effort into something and then burn myself out. My writing, of course, is no exception. From the time I started writing, all drafts have come in gigantic fits and spurts, followed by annoying periods of inactivity. So, with my second draft almost finished, I did it again. Pulled a Houdini. Buried myself in procrastination and inactivity. Enjoyed entirely too many video games.

But the writing was slogging along, the ideas were short, and I felt like I needed a step back from my current draft, so I did so. I’ve taken the terrifying first step of starting to read some of that draft lately, and it is (maybe) not quite as horrible as I initially thought. It has moments of greatness. But now I have to turn that greatness into something, and the idea of that is rather daunting. I hate even venturing to call it this, but it is a bit of a diamond in the rough. A small bit of something very pretty and valuable, surrounded by crap. Many darlings will die. Words will scream and scenes will fall. And at the end, I might have something almost resembling a book. Maybe.

Anyway. While I hack away at my second draft, I do have good news for this blog. My insane rants that I’ve loved to share with you guys in the past are finally back, and begging to be written! Even if I’m now the only one who will read this blog, writing in it is sort of a necessary evil. Otherwise, I’m prone to do one of two things (or both, depending on the day):

1) Talking to myself.

Because who better to listen to my ideas and enraged opinions than me, of course?

2)Ranting to family members, friends, and acquaintances in an angry, impassioned fashion.

Because I enjoy arguing (in a spirited, debate-like fashion, of course) with people maybe a bit too much.

Since talking to myself is a bit odd, and arguing with everyone in my life leads on a road to ruin, blogging seems to be a more socially acceptable form of communication for my strange topics and ideas. I plan to do a longer post on the nature of hiatuses in the future, but in the meantime, how long are your blogging breaks? Are they unintentional, intentional, or somewhere in between?

And on that note, I’m off to work on more posts from my high-altitude balloon while wearing a red cape and goggles. Because that’s clearly the only right way to blog.


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