Procrastination: The Death of All Novels

Ah, National Novel Writing Month. You were so deceptively easy at first. My little OCD heart was able to churn out precisely 1,667 words each day without a care in the world. And then I got to the dreaded 25,000 word mark. See, something odd in my brain shuts down at this quarter marker, and desperately looks for any kind of stimulus that doesn’t involve writing. Laundry? How exciting! The dishes need to be cleaned? Why didn’t you say so?!

And more recently: My favorite TV show released the season finale a week early? Sign me up!

Long story short (no pun intended), I find that I really struggle to find the substance and passion in my books at about the quarter mark, especially if I’m writing the story in order– something I’m finding to be incredibly horrible for me. So, for the past few days, instead of working on my novel, I found the time to waste my life in Sony Vegas making a sappy video.

Am I ashamed? Yes. But I’m also kind of proud, so check it out. Spoilers for Season 2 of The Legend of Korra, if you haven’t gotten that far.

As for me, I suppose it’s time to stop pretending I’m a video editor and get back to work on my book. Enjoy!


Sword Art Online AMV

I was actually warned not to post this on my blog, since it completely reveals what a nerd I am, and how I have entirely too much free time right now. But hey, we’re all honest in the blogosphere, right? Right.

Since SAO frustrated me so much, and since I need little reason to waste time in Sony Vegas, I decided to condense the good parts of this show into a music video. Cheesy, time-wasting activity. But I had fun, and I felt like it did capture the decent parts of the story– the few that were actually there.

And technically I suppose that making a music video is storytelling in a sense, so all my bases are covered. Enjoy!