When Grad Students Can’t Afford Fun

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Pokemon 3DS Announcement

So. Another nerd moment today, this time unrelated to writing. I wonder if I should rename my blog ‘Confessions of a Nerd’. At least my readers would be better informed.

Anyway. A Pokemon game in 3D. The future really IS here. Excuse me while I travel back in time and tell 9-year-old me, because she’ll be very excited by this news.

I must admit that I’m skeptical of this newfangled ‘3D Pokemon’. I really only played Black and White for the nostalgia factor, and when it wasn’t nostalgic enough, I sort of gave up on it.

I am the worst gamer ever.

Can anyone tell why I haven’t met my writing quota yet today…?


Why Mario Kart is a Microcosm Of Life

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