Useful Links For Writers


This is hardly an inexhaustible list, but below are links I’ve found charming or useful enough to bookmark during my journey as a writer (AKA: My apprenticeship in becoming a Crazy Cat Lady). If you feel a link should be added, let me know by commenting below! I love finding new resources just as much as the next writer. As with any resource, advice from these links can be taken several different ways. Every story is different, and each requires a slightly different touch. Hopefully these will prove as useful to you as they have to me. Enjoy! =)

Great writing community with posts from just about all walks of (writing) life. Posts tend to focus on book and story analysis, so it’s a great place to go if you’re stuck, plotwise. Posts tend to be lengthy.

This isn’t a full site, so much as an interesting study of the publishing business. Ever wonder what percentage of first books are self-published? Published through an agent? Do you have to write a short story to be published? Find those answers and more above…

Wonderful resource for beginning novelists and pros alike. With advice ranging from character, to plot, to revision and more, this site is a treasure chest of information. Most importantly, the posts are generally short, sweet, and to the point. Perfect for a quick read, although the vast amount of information on the site will likely keep you there longer than you intended. =)

Frankly, Veronica Roth is just awesome, and her books are amazing. She’s young, but her Writing FAQs pack a punch, and are generally charming to boot. Check her blog out!

If you have a question about writing, this blog likely has a post about it. Written by a freelance editor, it provides a nice viewpoint from the other side of things. Too often writers get too close to their work, and this blog is ready to give us all some tough love.


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